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Vegan wines with that ?

It transpires that I am becoming increasingly like the older generation of women in my family. That is a fan of wine, okay and gin but wine is our traditional family go to choice. You can blame the Italian and Lebanese heritage of course, I certainly like to.

Having been the proud owner of Pimento for nearly two years now I have decided to introduce my love of wine to the café. As many of you will know Pimento has historically been a tearoom. Since taking over we have gradually moved away from being a tearoom and started the journey to café. We've introduced some family favourite recipes, including our home made hummus, tzatziki, chilli, risottos, soups and much much more. With the reputation of our food growing and the ability to offer most of the menu as vegan (our specials are always vegan and 99% of the time gluten free too) it seemed the right time to introduce a small selection of vegan wines and beers.

These past few weeks we have been enjoying the process of picking our wines and beers. We will have the range finalised very soon. In the next few weeks you will be able to order your tipple of choice to go along with your favourite Pimento dish and to make things even more exciting we will be launching an evening menu on Friday nights. Keep an eye here and on our social media to stay up to date with our exciting developments. Oh and ladies - there will be prosecco too.

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